Our services are operating on time. Please buy your flights online and remember your face covering


We are currently operating our services as normal, however as we understand your travel plans may change, we're updating our policies to provide our customers the most flexibility we can offer during these challenging times and giving the opportunity to re-book your travel to a later date, without penalty.


For more information on Hovertravel’s response to the coronavirus please see here.


  • Standard Tickets
  • Season & Travel Cards
  • Southsea Esplanade Car Parking Permits

Standard Tickets

Simply complete the form below with your current ticket details and your new travel date so one of our team can email your new ticket.

If you don't have a new travel date in mind just yet, leave the 'New Travel Date' section blank for now, and then when you know your new travel dates please contact us. 

Terms & Conditions apply.

Passenger Details
Your new ticket will be emailed to this address.
10 Digit reference number displayed on your ticket
If you do not know your new travel date, please leave this section blank and we will keep your booking open on our system until you can confirm your new travel date.

Terms & Conditions
  • Exact number of passenger on original ticket will be matched on new ticket provided. If you would like to add more passengers to your new ticket please purchase a new separate ticket. Standard refund policy applies to any unused passengers on original booked ticket.
  • Applications must be made before 31st March 2021
  • Hover Flexibility is a temporary policy amendment to our standard terms and conditions and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • 48 hours’ notice before your travel date is required.
  • Customers must complete this form on or before the outward date that is on your original ticket. Forms submitted after this date will not be accepted.
  • Refund request must be sent via email to refunds@hovertravel.com
  • Hover Flexibility only applies to standard Single, Day and Period Return hovercraft tickets between Ryde and Southsea.
  • Standard Hovertravel Booking T&C’s apply.
  • Hovertravel reserve the right to amend or withdraw this policy at anytime.

Season & Travel Cards

If you are no longer travelling with Hovertravel due to the current situation, we can temporarily suspend your season or travel card. Please complete the form below.

Once you would like your card to resume, just let us know and we will calculate the number of full weeks you have missed and extend your card's expiry date. 


We will continue to collect your direct debit, so your travel costs will be paid off early.


We understand that some customers will not wish to continue paying their direct debit and we have made it easy to cancel and request a refund online.


One, three, six & twelve month season cards can be cancelled and refunded without penalty as we will waiver the usual one month cancellation fee. Standard refund terms apply to travel & flexi cards. Please complete our standard cancellation form and email to refunds@hovertravel.com.


Terms & Conditions apply


HoverFlexibility Season & Travel Cards
As it appears on your season/travel card.
9 digit number under the barcode on your card, starting with a B or S
Please type the date (DD/MM/2020) Please note your card will not be valid for travel the next day.

Terms & Conditions
  • Once the form is submitted, the season or travel card will be disabled from 06:00 the next day.
  • Applications must be made before 31st March 2021
  • Extensions will be calculated from last date of travel until first date of travel.
  • Standard refund options will not be carried over to the extension period.
  • Claims for appreciation vouchers should be made in line with the new expiry date and will not be accepted against suspended cards or the original expiry date.
  • Weather cancellation repay policy is not valid whilst card is disabled
  • Cards can only be disabled once and travel will not be authorised during this period.
  • Reactivation requests will only be processed if emailed to info@hovertravel.com. Requests will not be honoured in our terminals or over the phone.
  • Please allow at least 48 hours before your first travel date, for your card to be reactivated and extended.
  • HoverFlexibility is a temporary policy amendment to our standard terms and conditions and can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Direct debit payments will still be taken on the 5th of every month as normal. If you would like to stop payments, please email accounts@hovertravel.com with a completed cancellation form, your card and direct debits will be cancelled with no charge. A new card and direct debit will need to be set up when you wish to resume travel. The HoverFlexiblity form does not need to be completed in this instance.

Southsea Esplanade Car Park Permits

After consulting with Portsmouth City Council’s parking services, they have advised that we will be unable to extend your current car parking season pass. However, you will be able to surrender your parking permit at our Ryde/Southsea terminal and gain a refund for the outstanding amount once this has been processed through our Accounts team.


Once you are back at work, you will be able to then re-apply for a permit in the usual manner.


Before you surrender your permit, it is necessary for the below cancellation form to be completed. 


Please allow up to 28 days for your refund to be processed and an £10 admin fee will be deducted from any monies due. 


Download Car Park Cancellation Form

Terms & Conditions
  • Should you wish to cancel your car park season ticket, you must surrender your permit no later than one month before the expiry date to qualify for your cancellation refund along with your completed car park cancellation application form.
  • The remaining full calendar months will be refunded, less a £10 admin fee.
  • The date that the permit is surrendered along with the application is the date that the refund calculation will start from.
  • Any permits with an expiry date less than one calendar month will not qualify for a refund.
  • Please allow up to 28 days for your refund to be calculated and processed with the Accounts team.