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Hovertravel launches Evening Flyer ticket

Hovertravel is launching a limited time offer for Island residents on its extra late night returns on 11th, 12th, 13th and 20th July. Customers returning from Southsea after 1930 on these dates will be able to buy an adult return for £15 and a child return for £10 if they book online before 23rd June.

Loretta Lale, Head of Commercial at Hovertravel, explains: “Hovertravel has added additional late flights outside its normal timetable to support The Big Beach Weekend and Isle of Wight Pride event. This means as well as attracting customers from the mainland, we can offer the flights in the opposite direction at a reduced rate for islanders who wish to extend their day in Southsea, Portsmouth and beyond. We receive the occasional request to run later flights so this a great opportunity to see how much customer demand exists on the Island.”

As well as booking online before 23rd June, customers must choose their outbound flight between 0900 and 1500 or after 1800 on the same day and return travel can only be from Southsea. For more details and how to book please visit: www.hovertravel.co.uk/Evening-Flyer

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