Our services are operating on time.

Service Status Tools


Telephone Update Line

Listen to the latest service status by calling 01983 717717 for a recorded message.

Local charges apply


Website Traffic Lights

Displayed at the top of every page on our website, our service status header bar will tell you the service status in real time including alternative transport options, the time of the next update and a traffic light symbol.

🟢 Green - Operating to time
🟠 Amber - Running with a delay 
🔴 Red - Service cancelled


WhatsApp Channel Notifications

To receive service status notifications to your smartphone join the Hovertravel WhatsApp Channel. Scan the QR code below, select follow and turn on the notification bell.

You will need have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone to join our WhatsApp channel, you can download WhatsApp in the Apple store or Google Play store.