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Hovertravel, the only scheduled hovercraft operator in the world, was launched in 1965 and is the fastest Isle of Wight ferry service across the Solent. It is also the world’s longest running commercial hovercraft operator.

Hovertravel is a very environmentally friendly way to travel quickly between the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth. Our 12000TD craft, using the most modern mechanical innovations and technology found in a hovercraft today, can carry 12 tonnes of payload over 1.5 meters above the surface. There is no displacement of craft weight in the water and the hull is not in contact meaning marine life are left alone to their own devices.


The two engines which provide power for lift and thrust in the 12000TD are housed internally within the hull and therefore are too isolated from the ecosystems the hovercraft may be passing over instead of requiring the ecosystem to provide the material for propulsion.


This minimal amount of contact with the water also means the wash created when travelling at high speeds remains low. Marine environments can be travelled over in a sensitive, more direct manner, without needing to dredge and disturb it. 


The Hovertravel terminals are located at Quay Road in Ryde, Isle of Wight, and Clarence Esplanade in Southsea, Portsmouth. The service takes under ten minutes and runs every half an hour between 06:15 and 21:00, and also a 22:00 late crossing during summer months.

Hovertravel also operates a Hoverbus which runs between the Southsea Terminal and Gunwharf Quays and takes four minutes. Tickets can be purchased at Hovertravel terminals and can also be booked online at www.hovertravel.com.

The hovercraft can carry up to 78 passengers per crossing and has an allowance of 30 kilos per person, for baggage. Baggage can be stored in the luggage compartment at the front of the craft.

Editorial Requests

Accredited members of the media looking to film on our hovercraft or at our terminals for a relevant, current news story should contact our press office on 01252 629270 or at stephen@communicationmatters.co.uk

All requests will be assessed and responded to within 24 hours. If we can accommodate your request, you will be given an on-site health & safety briefing and will be accompanied by a Hovertravel team member for the duration of your visit.

Commercial Filming

Please allow at least five working days for all non-news and commercial requests. Hovertravel will charge an applicable fee for all commercial filming and photography - excluding accredited news media and any filming being done on behalf of Hovertravel's commercial partners. Public liability insurance is required for any filming or photography at Hovertravel.

Whilst we consider each request received, there will be times when we will be unable to accommodate your request due to safety or operational considerations. Please contact media@hovertravel.com

Advertising & Filming 

Filming Opportunities

As the only year-round commercial passenger hovercraft service, Hovertravel offers a truly unique opportunity for film-makers to capture this amphibious mode of transport. The hovercraft’s ability to speed across water at up to 45 knots and glide effortlessly on to land creates a thrilling experience for both passengers and viewers.


It is possible to film the hovercraft in action on the Solent, onboard inside the light and airy passenger cabin as well as using the terminal facilities at both Ryde and Southsea, subject to operational constraints. We regularly host crews from the BBC, corporate video producers, independent TV production companies as well as international productions. Our hovercraft have featured in documentaries, comedies, promotional videos, corporate advertising and travel programmes around the world.


Hovertravel welcomes film crews, programme makers and news media to its operation and has a well-established procedure for all enquiries to ensure we adhere not just to our strict safety guidelines but also to all current and relevant regulations including GDPR.


It should also be noted that filming on or of our hovercraft is subject to the discretion of the pilot of that craft and they can delay or cancel planned filming if they consider the conditions on the day to be unsafe.


For feature filming charges and use of our location please contact media@hovertravel.com for our rate card.