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Hovercraft Operating

Hovertravel operate the very latest in hovercraft design, with both craft Solent Flyer & Island Flyer flying across the Solent with up to 78 passengers and one wheelchair passenger. Building on the experience of the company since 1965, we launched the 12000TD into the fleet in 2016. We are the world's longest operating hovercraft service’ – come and fly with us.

There are a number of opportunities to enjoy the experience of a hovercraft flight, see below to book and find out more:


At Hovertravel, our teams have collectively over 450 years of Pilots & Engineering experience and always happy to share the passion of these fabulous hovercraft. For those wishing to learn a little more about our current hovercraft, see below.           


The 12000TD is a ground-breaking new model bringing together the combined experience and heritage from Griffon Hoverwork, to deliver the most technically advanced and modern hovercraft available today. Maintaining the renowned robustness of the Hoverwork legacy, mixed with the light-weight approach of Griffon hovercraft, the 12000TD introduces the newest technology and production quality improvements.

  • Designed and built in a modular method, delivering the commercial benefits of a standardised platform.
  • A highly configurable internal main cabin layout and wheelhouse arrangement, to meet any operational need. Can be fitted for a passenger or logistics configuration.
  • In the standard Passenger variant the wheelhouse is centrally mounted above the main cabin to provide excellent all around visibility for the pilot.
  • Two over the bow loading ramps are fitted for easy self-loading of passengers and light cargo.
  • The skirt uses the latest development of a bag and finger type, manufactured from materials proven during thousands of operating hours in the harshest environments.
  • Highly developed integrated lift and thrust systems, driven by the reliability and economy of two MAN D2862 diesel engines.

Equipped with a hybrid drive system, and by using two engines instead of four and larger propellers the hovercraft delivers the advantages of low running and maintenance costs, as well as exceptionally low noise. These production improvements on the 12000TD mean the noise levels are significantly reduced when compared with craft of a similar size, the average reading taken in the public space was 74dB, equivalent to that of office noise.


Designed and built to comply with Lloyds Register Special Service Craft Rules with a notation set of; 100A1 SSC Passenger (A) ACV HSC LDC G2 MCH and is also compliant with UK MCA High Speed Craft Regulations based on the applicable sections of the IMO High Speed Craft Code 2000.


If you are interested in purchasing a 12000td, or any other model please contact our sister company Griffon Hoverwork