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Revised Timetable 10th January - 28th February 2017

HoverTraveller Update - 10th January 2017

Dear Hovertravel Customers,

I have over the last few months sent several apologies as to the current situation and continued delays you have experienced, and whilst I would like to continue to sincerely say how sorry I am for the issues you have faced, I wanted to take this opportunity to advise of the plans and actions we are undertaking to resolve the issues we are facing.

It’s clear to us all the implementation of the two-new craft has had several operational issues, and whilst these are resolvable it’s taking considerably longer than we had planned. In addition, we are managing the continued use of the existing craft. Both issues have been discussed today in a management & staff review, and I would like to advise the following:

  • Solent Flyer & Island Flyer: The new craft fleet is approaching a combined total of 2,000 operational hours, and during this time we have identified areas of improvements. This remedial and upgrade work to enhance the performance is planned in the coming weeks. This will be carried out at Ryde & Woolston by the teams at Griffon Hoverwork & Hovertravel. This will mean we will not have the use of these craft on a continuous basis over the coming weeks.
  • Freedom 90: This craft continues to be operational, and we have committed  (and will continue to do so) to invest into her to ensure she is serviceable until we see the new craft into ‘full’ service.
  • Island Express: This craft is currently laid up at Woolston, however the board of directors has confirmed we will be investing in her to ensure she is serviceable in the near future. This will, though, be several weeks while additional parts are purchased.

These aspects in relation to craft availability have prompted us to review the timetable we can offer you. Our objective is to offer confidence in the services we operate. Therefore, for a temporary period we will be operating a one craft timetable until 28th February, as follows:

From Tuesday 10th January until Tuesday 28th February, the Winter Timetable will run with the following cancellations:

  • Mon - Fri Ex Ryde 0730, 0800, 0830, 1600, 1630, 1700, 1730
  • Mon - Fri Ex Southsea 0745, 0815, 0845, 1615, 1645, 1715, 1745

Any passenger booked on any of the above services are asked to please book on an alternative crossing or be on a priority standby.

Any passengers not affected by the cancelled services are asked to be mindful and use their booked time.

NB: If you are booked on a cancelled service as listed above, and are unable or do not wish to transfer to an alternative service. Hovertravel will refund all Wightlink costs from Ryde Pier on production of your receipts – in addition we will offer a complimentary apology voucher for each alternative journey taken. Please approach our cashiers or scan your receipts to info@hovertravel.com (this is for the period and on the services listed above only and to qualify you must have a reservation on a cancelled service).

We have put the following further procedures in place to ensure the least possible inconvenience to all passengers:

  • A priority line will be implemented for all season, travel card and company ticket customers between 0550-0845 & 1620-1745 (Ryde) & 1535-1830 (Southsea) similar to you may have seen at the Festival times.    

The company’s objective is to always offer the 15 minute service that so many of you use. In the event the craft are serviceable and available for use, we will re-instate and operate the cancelled crossings at short notice. This will be advised, where possible via our service status or via email updates, although these may be at short notice.

During the period of the revised timetable you may be travelling on any of our craft during this time as we carry out this important work across our fleet. In addition to this, you may see other craft at sea on trials.

I would also add, the company has invested in additional resources with a Project Director joining us from Griffon Hoverwork to work alongside our teams to resolve and implement the new craft for the future of the business. I must stress, Hovertravel is totally committed and all the issues we are facing have solutions.

Once again, I am personally sorry for the inconvenience these issues have caused your daily travel plans. Rest assured, all the staff at Hovertravel are totally committed to resolving the current situation and ask for your understanding during this time. I will be in touch on 21st February with an update on our progress to revert to the 15 minute timetable with 2 craft.


Neil Chapman

Managing Director

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