*Our services are operating on time and in line with Govt. guidelines. - Please read our latest message from our MD.

Welcome to Wightlink & Red Funnel Customers

We are here at Hovertravel to help you, as we all face challenging times, and we are working together with Wightlink & Red Funnel to keep a fast ferry option to and from the Isle of Wight for those who need to travel.


There is no additional cost to any customer using their Wightlink or Red Funnel ticket to travel on Hovertravel. For you, the essential travellers, we want to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible.


Our timetable is available here and please note that use of our HoverBus is free for both Wightlink & Red Funnel customers, providing an onward connection to the rail stations and city centre of Portsmouth.


Hovertravel is accepting all ticket types from;

  • Fast Cat (Wightlink Ryde – Portsmouth) and Yarmouth
  • Car Ferry (Wightlink Yarmouth – Lymington)
  • Red Jet (Red Funnel Cowes - Southampton)
  • including Business Pass, Season Ticket, Multilink Pass, National Rail tickets via Wightlink/Red Funnel or Ryde Pier Head and Day and Period Returns including those with a train journey.


Hovertravel staff will check tickets for date validity and scan at the boarding gate, as they do for all customers and there is no need to use the cashier’s desks. Hovertravel asks customers to be at the boarding gate five minutes before departure time to ensure travel on that crossing.


In the meantime, further information can be found on Wightlink’s & Red Funnel's dedicated Coronavirus page.

In the event of adverse weather causing us to cancel services, Southern Vectis will accept Hovertravel, Wightlink and Red Jet tickets on their Number 9 route from Ryde Esplanade and passengers can alight at the Fishbourne Lane bus stop for the Wightlink car ferry (Fishbourne to Portsmouth).


Additionally whilst our services are cancelled the HoverBus will stop first at Wightlink’s car ferry car park before continuing on its normal route.

Terms & Conditions
  • Only valid tickets for Wightlinks Portsmouth - Ryde Pier Head and Yarmouth - Lymington routes will be accepted, from 7th April 2020
  • Only valid tickets for Red Funnels Red Jet service from Saturday 18th April
  • Tickets must be dated the same as the travel date.
  • Same number of passengers will be carried over from existing tickets, any extra passengers will need to buy a standard Hovertravel ticket.
  • Preferred crossing times/bookings are not available but should not be necessary.