Services are running on time

HoverBus Update

As some of you may be aware we recently updated the Hoverbus timetable to minimise waiting time at Southsea and to ensure the Hoverbus completes its route and returns to Southsea well in advance of the next hovercraft departure. 

We would like to clarify that the Hoverbus is a connecting service with the hovercraft, providing there are no delays. We cannot guarantee that customers will be able to board the next departing bus or hovercraft in the event of delays. If there are any delays with the hovercraft, the bus will wait until 00 & 30 mins past the hour (four minutes after the scheduled departure time). 

Additionally, if the Hoverbus is running late due to traffic, we will endeavour to connect customers on the next departing hovercraft, however this is dependent on the availability of un-booked seats.

The Hoverbus can be tracked on both the Hovertravel website and the Hovertravel app.