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The Awakening Festival 2020

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Imagine if you will, a breathing space just for you away from your everyday routines and responsibilities. The Awakening Festival of Wellbeing, Self Care & Connection is a chance to pause, reflect and and connect back to the fullest essence of you, to re-ignite the home fires of your mind, body and soul. And how? Through a carefully curated experience created so that you can don that much-needed oxygen mask, and fill your cup with delicious self-care. 

With Awakening wellbeing workshops, self care sessions, inspirational talks and sound sessions alongside a blissful blend of yoga and meditation classes, as well as a delicious range of holistic therapies to enjoy throughout Saturday 6 June 2020 and a half day Nature Calls Big Chill session on Sunday 7 June 2020.

Date Saturday ticket Weekend ticket
 6th - 7th June  £75 £105

*The prices quoted above are for early-bird tickets*


  • Saturday 6th - 09:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday 7th - 10:00 - 14:00

Getting Here

Weston Manor
Moons Hill
Isle of Wight
PO39 0HF

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