*If your travel is essential, our services are operating on time, otherwise please stay at home.

COVID-19 Information

Hovertravel is flying key workers between the Isle of Wight and the mainland, as well ensuring vital supplies of medicines and the Royal Mail continue to flow across the Solent.




We also ask you to follow The Isle of Wight Council’s advice and if you have recently returned to the Island please respect the safety of the Island community and to self-isolate for at least seven days but preferably for 14 days from your arrival.


We are operating a revised timetable, operating hourly from Ryde at 0615 until 1930 from Southsea to keep the lifeline for essential travellers and critical supplies open. 


Hovertravel is in daily contact with the Isle of Wight Council and we are keeping our website updated with the latest information from the council and Public Health England. 


All passengers using Hovertravel are being asked to observe Public Health England’s social distancing rules which state: “Coronaviruses can be spread when people with the virus have close, sustained contact with people who are not infected. This typically means spending more than 15 minutes within two metres of an infected person”.  Hovertravel staff will ask passengers to remain two metres from their fellow travellers in the terminals and whilst getting on and off the craft for the ten-minute journey.


Please read the latest update from our Managing Director, Neil Chapman.

Q: What steps has Hovertravel taken to manage the COVID-19 crisis?


We have an internal team monitoring the situation and keeping in regular contact with the Isle of Wight Council, Public Health England and the Marine & Coastguard Agency. We are ready to adopt any changes which may be requested by our governing bodies.


We have also introduced an hourly timetable to help maintain a lifeline service for key workers and essential supplies.

Q : What extra cleaning measures are you taking?


We are enforcing good hand hygiene among our staff in line with the advice from Public Health England.


We are also cleaning our hovercraft after every service with recommended anti-bacterial sprays, as well as introducing an increased frequency for cleaning the terminals throughout the day, both with a focus on door buttons, grab handles, counter tops and all touch points.

Q: Is Hovertravel observing the social distancing guidelines?


By virtue of our short crossing time, the company is complying with Public Health England’s current guidance which warns against close contact sustained longer than 15 minutes.


In our terminals, at the cashiers’ desk, at the boarding gate and during getting on and off the hovercraft, staff will ask passengers to remain two metres from their fellow travellers.

Q: Do I need to take any specific precautions when travelling with Hovertravel?


Please follow the official advice available here


Additionally, we are suggesting that customers scan their own tickets, rather than handing them to the staff member at the boarding gate, to reduce unnecessary contact.


Both our Ryde and Southsea terminals have washing facilities in our toilets where customers can, if they wish, wash their hands in accordance with the advice from Public Health England. 

Q: Are my bookings affected by the new timetable?


For customers who are booked to travel, including season and travel card holders, and need to change their booking due to the new timetable, Hovertravel has a simple process to transfer bookings to a different service, extend travel periods or put a booking on hold for the future

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Q: I no longer wish to travel; can I cancel my booking?


We are currently operating our services as normal, however as we understand your travel plans may change, we're updating our policies to provide our customers the most flexibility we can offer during these challenging times and giving the opportunity to re-book your travel to a later date, without penalty


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Q: What is the best way to contact Hovertravel?


Please email us at: info@hovertravel.com 


This will be the fastest way to get a response and we can draw in information from across the business, if required. You can also use our LiveChat facility on our website.


Please note: our customer service team is dealing with a very high volume of enquiries and we thank you for your patience as we process these.