Our services are operating on time. Please book your flights online and remember your face covering.

COVID-19 Information

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Hovertravel welcomes all customers to travel with us responsibility and asks you to follow our protocols so we can all keep each other as safe as possible.  We have kept the communities of the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth connected for all those who need to travel including key workers and ensured vital supplies of medicines and Royal Mail continue to flow across the Solent and we continue to do so.  We are also transferring patients via our NHS Island Rescue service.


Booked Travel Only

We are operating a revised timetable and we strongly advise customers to book their travel in advance online. Booking on our website is very simple, giving you the opportunity to choose your flight times, and avoid the busy times.


Face Coverings

Customers are now obliged by law to wear a face covering at all times unless exempt.


Hover Responsibly

Hovertravel applied a risk assessment, mitigation and management approach to creating a COVID-secure environment which allowed us to develop a set of precautionary protocols for the protection of our passengers and our staff. These protocols are displayed on posters throughout both our terminals and are on our website here.


Travelling Protocols

As the Government lifts some of the lockdown restrictions we are evolving our protocols to keep protecting our passengers and our people. There are important updates to our protocols, including the legal requirement to wear a face covering and the advice for all travel is to be booked in advance . Please follow these instructions and Hover responsibly.


  • Please note we are boarding craft by booked tickets, so we strongly advise you to book in advance, otherwise you will be asked to wait in the standby. – Book your travel in advance online or on our app
  • You are required by law to wear a face covering at all times with Hovertravel, unless exempt
  • We will refuse travel if a passenger does not have a face covering, unless exempt
  • Please avoid our peak passenger times; 0615-0815 and 1630-1830 (Mon-Fri)
  • Give other passengers their space during boarding/disembarking
  • Please occupy seats starting from the back of the craft first when boarding
  • Stay seated after landing until the bow doors open
  • Wash your hands before and after travelling (both terminals have toilets)


  • Has asked all staff to wear face coverings when required
  • Has deployed social distancing measures in the terminals and during boarding/disembarking
  • May ask you to wait outside the terminal
  • Is allowing passengers to transfer, as priority, to the next service
  • Will invite those from the same household to sit together
  • Is cleaning the craft after every service
  • Is regularly cleaning the touch points in both terminals
  • Is adding in extra services as required

We appreciate that choosing to travel with us is a personal decision and we want to reassure all our customers that we are working tirelessly to keep you safe and hope that you will keep yourselves safe too. By following our protocols we can keep the communities on the Isle of Wight and in Portsmouth functioning and together we will all be helping to control the virus.

Q: What steps has Hovertravel taken to manage the COVID-19 crisis?


We have an internal team monitoring the situation and keeping in regular contact with the Isle of Wight Council, Public Health England, the Transport Infrastructure Board and the Marine & Coastguard Agency. We have adopted the recommended guidelines published by the Government to protect the health & safety of our staff and customers.

Q : What extra cleaning measures are you taking?



We are enforcing good hand hygiene among our staff in line with the advice from Public Health England.


We are also cleaning our hovercraft after every service with recommended anti-bacterial sprays, as well as maintaining an increased frequency for cleaning the terminals throughout the day, both with a focus on door buttons, grab handles, counter tops and all touch points.

Q: Is Hovertravel observing the social distancing guidelines?


In our terminals, at the boarding gate and during getting on and off the hovercraft, our passengers are asked to observe the recommended distance from their fellow travellers and our staff.

Q: Do I need to take any specific precautions when travelling with Hovertravel?


We have a set of protocols which are available on our COVID-19 website page.


Additionally, we are suggesting that customers scan their own tickets, rather than handing them to the staff member at the boarding gate, to reduce unnecessary contact.


Both our Ryde and Southsea terminals have washing facilities in our toilets where customers can, if they wish, wash their hands in accordance with the advice from Public Health England. 

Q. Are my bookings affected by the current timetable?



For customers who are booked to travel, including season and travel card holders, and need to change their booking, Hovertravel has a simple process to transfer bookings to a different service, extend travel periods or put a booking on hold for the future

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Q: Do I need to wear a mask to travel with Hovertravel?




The Government has created new legislation that states you must wear a face covering whilst using public transport, unless you're exempt.  See the full guidance here

Q: Why is Hovertravel not conducting temperature screenings?


We have not been asked by the authorities to conduct any temperature checks on passengers and these screenings would have to be organised by Public Health England as they would have to provide the appropriate equipment and trained staff. We are unaware of any plans to introduce such checks.

Q: Can I use Hovertravel to visit my friends and family or visit the Island for a day trip?


As the Government have slightly eased lockdown restrictions, we welcome back all passengers on-board - providing they wear a face covering, follow our protocols & Hover Responsibly

Q: What is the best way to contact Hovertravel?


Please email us at: info@hovertravel.com 


This will be the fastest way to get a response and we can draw in information from across the business, if required. You can also use our LiveChat facility on our website.


Please note: our customer service team is dealing with a very high volume of enquiries and we thank you for your patience as we process these.