*Our services are operating on time. Please continue to wear a face covering and book your tickets online.*

Fly your freight 24/7 – in just ten minutes

We have stepped up our operation to be available, on demand and around the clock, to stakeholders who need transport to and from the Isle of Wight.


During this challenging time, key workers and vital deliveries need to keep flowing across the Solent; including medical supplies, time-sensitive pharmaceuticals,  Royal Mail or other freight essential to the island community.


If you need transport either to or from the Isle of Wight and would like to apply to use this facility please complete the online form below.


Once on our list of approved organisations, you can request a hovercraft with just one phone call at any time of the night or day. Please note that during our normal operating hours, the craft will be ready to depart within 30 minutes and outside of operating hours, the craft will be ready to depart in 60 minutes.

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