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Cancellation Repay


If our services are cancelled and we are unable to offer an alternative crossing within an hour of your original travel time, Hovertravel will compensate you in the form of Apology Vouchers* and/or Extra Day Vouchers,* dependent on the type of ticket you hold. For tickets issued for Third Parties i.e. National Express, National Rail etc, you will need to contact the relevant Company for instructions.

Apology Voucher: These vouchers are valid for one single journey and can be used by yourself, family or friends.

Extra Day Voucher: This voucher entitles the season card holder to travel unlimited for one day after the expiry of the current season card. One voucher will be issued per day of cancellation. These vouchers cannot be exchanged to Apology Vouchers. These must be validated in the relevant boxes indicated on the voucher with the travel date required for use and expired season card number detailed (the expired season card must be presented at the time of use to Hovertravel staff as requested. Failure of this will result in the voucher being invalid).

In the event of Hovertravel services being cancelled following the commencement of the use of an extra day voucher you will be entitled to one apology voucher on production and submission to our cashiers of the extra day voucher with the relevant travel receipt for the alternative transport provider attached. Claims for these must be made within 28 days of disrupted travel. In the event of early termination at your request of your season card, extra day vouchers are invalid.

In the unlikely event of cancellation, or suspension of our service no refund will offered to passengers travelling, or intending to travel using any Hovertravel voucher (with exception to extra day voucher as detailed above).

Season Cards

What can I receive?

  • 1 ‘Apology Voucher’ (for each single journey cancelled)
  • 1 ‘Extra day’ Voucher (for each day we are affected by cancellation).

How do I obtain these?

Travel Cards & Company Tickets

What can I receive?

  • 1 ‘Apology Voucher’ (for each single journey cancelled).

How do I obtain these?

Single, Day Return, Period Return Paper Tickets

Where possible we will endeavour to transfer your travel details to another date and or time. If we are unable to offer an alternative the following will apply.

What can I receive?

  • A refund of unused or partially used tickets will be offered. Refunds will be 100% for unused tickets and 50% of the value for partially used tickets, less the cost of any attraction or combination that have been used. For period returns, a refund will not be permitted for the return portion if booked for a future date.

How do I obtain these?

  • Refunds will be available from our cashiers by the original payment method only, on production of your ticket and receipt. Without a valid receipt a refund cannot be given.
  • Please note bookings made via the Hovertravel Website can only be refunded by email application to info@hovertravel.com giving booking reference number(s) and a contact telephone number for one of our team to give you a call on. Please note we can only refund on to the card that the payment was originally made on.


National Rail Tickets issued by Hovertravel

What can I receive?

A refund of unused or partially used tickets will be offered. The refund will equate to the amount paid for the ticket less the amount due for the journey made.

How do I obtain these?

Refunds will be available from our cashiers in Ryde only by the original payment method only, on production of your ticket. Without a valid ticket a refund cannot be given.

National Rail Tickets NOT issued by Hovertravel

What can I receive?

1 ‘Apology Voucher’ (for each single journey cancelled). There is no cash refund available from Hovertravel – you must contact the operator with whom you purchased your ticket

How do I obtain these?

The vouchers are available from our cashiers at Southsea and Ryde, present your ticket to the cashier who will stamp your ticket and take a copy of your ticket numbers.


No claim is permitted by 12 month child season card holders for extra day & apology vouchers. All child 12 month season card holders will be permitted to collect 10 single repatriation vouchers for each school year for use on Wightlink crossings only. These are non-refundable, non-transferable & cannot be replaced if lost. No further vouchers will be issued if lost or used.


To avoid a £15 charge per journey, they are only permitted to be used on Wightlink ferry crossings when Hovertravel cancel the services as detailed above. All vouchers must be dated prior to hand in to staff at Portsmouth or Ryde ferry port (please note no Hovertravel staff will be on duty at Wightlink). 

If applying in house, please be aware our Cashiers may be busy at times of cancellation and we therefore allow up to 28 days for you to claim. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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