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Hovertravel User Group (HUG)

HUG Hour 

In 2010 Hovertravel created a Hovertravel Users Group (HUG) as a formal method for collecting feedback and disseminating information to our customers.  The HUG allowed us to provide detailed updates and plans to the HUG members who then cascade the communication throughout the customer base. This group has been highly effective in improving the communication between Hovertravel and its customers and has led to various enhancements of our service.

Over the past nine years, the HUG has raised ideas and issues which Hovertravel has then improved including: better information on service status messages, the handling of groups, priority boarding during festival season and timetable changes to ensure better onward connections.

Following a comprehensive review last year and feedback from various stakeholders, we want to broaden the variety of customer groups represented to more accurately reflect our wide diversity of users. For the next three months we will be trialling Twitter as a venue for our HUG meetings.

Our objective is to engage with a range of users such as Hovercare users, hospitals, schools, charities and leisure travellers in addition to our valued commuter market and we believe that Twitter will give us the opportunity to have a dialogue with a larger panel of users.

If you use Hovertravel and you want to be involved in a constructive dialogue to help make our service better for all customers, we welcome your input.

In the tabs below you will find details of how to join us on Twitter, the dates and times for the meetings and some guidance on how we expect the HUG to operate.

About HUG Hour

We are calling our Twitter HUG meetings ‘HUGhour‘ and these one hour meetings will be conducted on a dedicated HUG Twitter account.

With our stated aims for the HUG as listen, learn and share we have created the following objectives:

  • To put forward recommendations to Hovertravel for improvements to products and services suggested by users
  • To act as a channel in reporting back to Hovertravel customers views and suggestions and to exchange information freely
  •  To provide users with regular updates on Hovertravel’s performance
  • To promote the awareness of the value of user groups to the community and all users
  • To facilitate communication among members and the community


  • This forum is for customers of Hovertravel only.
  • We are looking for suggestions, comments and questions and please include the hashtag #HUGhour in your tweets.
  • No abusive language or bullying, will be tolerated but we will want to hear constructive observations from our customers about their experiences with Hovertravel.
  • We will endeavour to answer as many tweets as we can during the hour but some responses maybe up to 24 hours later.
  • Questions to this Twitter account can be submitted at any time and we will respond either during the HUGhour or in the following 24 hours.
  • This dedicated Twitter account will only be active during the HUGhour and following day – for all other Hovertravel messages (such as service status, updates and news) please use our standard Twitter account (@hovertravelltd).
  • We may ask that detailed ongoing dialogue is continued off-line to ensure we cover as many topics as possible.

Terms of reference

  • The aim of the group is to influence and encourage proactive engagement between Hovertravel team and its users, ensuring the services to and from the Island can be used safely, easily and with dignity by all regardless of disability, age, gender or ethnicity. Ensuring its facilities are convenient and welcoming, recognising that one solution may not work for all.
  • The group will use its expertise and influence to seek best practise so that objectives can be achieved.
  • The HUG members should include where possible a mix of users, to include and not limited to: Island Commuters, Portsmouth Commuters, Isle Access, Leisure users, Business customers, Freight companies, Local council and HoverCare users.
  • In addition to HUG members, Hovertravel staff and its representatives, and suggested guests or representatives may attend.
  • The HUG chair should be a senior manager or director of Hovertravel. That person will be responsible for calling meetings, setting the agenda & distributing minutes.
  • Simple notes & actions from each HUG meeting will be available on the Hovertravel website.

Join HUG Hour

  1.  Log in to Twitter
  2. Search and follow The Hovertravel User Group account - @HovertravelHUG
  3. Tweet your observations, comments and questions using the #HUGhour anytime during the hour
  4. One of the team will respond to you within 24 hours.

If you are not a Twitter user please use our guide to get started.

HUG Hour Meetings 

Next Meeting - 27th March - 13:00 - 14:00


  • 13:00 - Service Update covering matters such as reliability, on time performance (OTP), recent adverse weather.

  • 13:20 - Performance Update covering customer service, customer communications, customer environment and other aspects of the customer experience including booking.

  • 13:40 - Ideas & Other Updates such as accessibility, offers, Blue Card promotions, timetables

You can submit your questions, comments and observations in advance via email to info@hovertravel.com


The minutes from this meeting will be published here on Friday 29 March.

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